Tips for Securing Your Business

Here are some steps that can be taken to make your business more secure:

Purchase the right safe: Make sure your safe is rated for what you are storing in it. There are different types of safes for different applications. Fire Rated safes protect their contents from fire damage. Burglary rated safes are used for storing cash and other valuables. There are also burglary/fire rated safes. Also, it is very important to make sure that any safe you are using for your business is bolted to the floor.

Appropriate alarm system: There are different types of alarm systems. Burglary and fire systems are very important to have in place. Also, some burglary systems offer a significantly higher level of security than others. Cellular backup alarm systems can be especially advantageous. Contact a reputable alarm system company and have them come out to your site to assess your unique situation. Many companies offer free risk assessments.

Make sure your locks are in good working order: Make any necessary repairs. Have the locks re-keyed when necessary. Make sure to lock and secure doors and safes before leaving each night.

Install Good Cameras: There are daylight cameras as well as night vision cameras. Not all cameras will give you a quality, usable image.

Assess your landscaping: Landscape features such as shrubs and solid walls can give a person with bad intentions a place to hide. Do not leave boxes lying outside where someone can see that you just purchased something expensive for your business. Break down the boxes and put them in an appropriate receptacle.

Good lighting: Bright lighting for all entrances and the parking lot can help protect against intruders. Good lighting also helps protect your employees.

Build Relationships: Know your neighbors. The surrounding businesses, community members and members of law enforcement can all help each other keep the area safer.

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