How to Secure Your Home

There are many things we can do to make our homes more secure. The key to protecting our homes involves creating many obstacles for a potential burglar to overcome. The potential thief is opportunistic and wants an easy in and out situation. The more obstacles they see the more likely they will be to try a different house. A locksmith can be very helpful when you have questions about your home security.

Your Yard

Keep your yard neat with well-trimmed trees and hedges to eliminate hiding places for a thief. Bright lights, motion lights, solar walkway lights and surveillance cameras are a great addition.

Be subtle when you bring home your newly purchased of safe, TV, computer etc. Don’t leave the boxes lying around outside. Most locksmiths can deliver your new safe in an unmarked vehicle with the safe in an unmarked box- you just have to ask.
Form a neighborhood watch. When you form a neighborhood watch a sign will be posted on the street and this is also a good deterrent.

The Albuquerque Police Department has more great tips.


The doorway should be well lit and your door should be locked even when you are home. There should be a peep hole or door viewer on your door. There are now many different types of door viewers to choose from. There are even door viewer cameras available.
Sometimes the locks in our homes fall into disrepair. Each exterior door (and the door coming in from the garage) should have a good quality, working deadbolt in addition to the door knob or lever. Many homes have deadbolts that are not installed correctly or that are not very well made. Not all deadbolts are created equal. A high quality, correctly installed deadbolt resists picking, drilling and force attacks. Also you need to have good, solid core doors for the exterior entries as well as the garage door so that it is harder to kick the doors in. Garage doors are often hollow core doors (doors that are not solid wood). It requires little effort to get into hollow core doors when they are kicked. Avoid doors with windows (i.e. French doors), especially on the back of the house.

The frame should be reinforced with special reinforcement parts that are made specifically to defeat attempts to kick the door in. Federal Lock and Key can help you with these products. Burglars often pry or kick in doors but there are many products that make this type of attack very difficult to carry out.

Always re-key your locks when you move into a new house or apartment. You don’t know who has copies of the existing keys.

Sliding glass doors can be made more secure with a Charlie Bar. If you are on a budget you can also use a wooden dowel. Make sure your sliding glass doors are installed properly; many are not!
Install security doors instead of screen doors. They make your home much more difficult to break into. If you prefer the open look of the screen door find a door company that sells a door with lexan glass.


Do not leave your windows unlocked when you are not home. Reinforce your windows with wood dowels.

Don’t leave ladders or chairs near your windows. Sometimes thieves will use whatever they find lying around to break your window.

Having  window security film installed may be an option as well. This product makes it more difficult to break the window. Exterior, electric security shutters may also be a good option if you have the money.


Invest in a safe to protect your valuables. There are many different types of safes. Some offer burglary and fire protection. Some offer burglary only or fire only protection. The safe you need depends on what you are trying to protect. Federal Lock and key can help you decide on the right safe for your individual situation.

Safes need to be serviced periodically to avoid lockouts and other safe lock malfunctions. We can help you determine how often your safe needs to be serviced. Always have your brand new safe checked out by a locksmith before you begin to use it. Sometimes there are manufacture defects that may affect the performance of the safe.
Your safe needs to be bolted to the floor. Federal Lock and key can advise you on the best place to put your safe should and we can anchor it to the floor as well.

Remember to photograph and mark your valuables. The Albuquerque Police Department has a FREE online system to help you track your valuables. You can record receipts, images, serial numbers, etc.; to help get your valuables back:

Keeping your home safe involves creating as many barriers as possible for the potential burglar. Locks should be of good quality and well maintained. Federal Lock and Key will be happy to help by performing a security survey for your home and servicing your locks.