Safe Locks

Safes come with many different types of locks. There are safes that are only locked with a key. Some safes utilize both a key and a mechanical or a digital lock. Underwriters Laboratory rates safe locks. Look for at least a grade 2 safe lock.

Mechanical locks: These locks have a dial and a four to five number combination. They are more challenging to use but they are the most reliable and secure. The mechanical lock can be more difficult to use especially if you don’t open your safe very often. It is also possible to leave your safe unlocked if you don’t remember to spin the dial when you leave.  Mechanical locks do have a long lifespan when they are kept in good repair and you will get many, many years of use from them.  The Sargent and Greenleaf 6730 is one of the best safe locks on the market.

Digital Locks: They are very popular because they are faster to get open. Some people find mechanical locks to be confusing. The digital lock is not as reliable as a mechanical lock. It uses batteries and this can lead to a lockout if the batteries wear out at an inconvenient time. Also digital locks have s significantly shorter lifespan than mechanical locks. Some digital locks last longer than others. The La Gard 3600 is one of the most long lasting and reliable of digital locks. The digital lock does offer the convenience of simply pushing a few buttons to open a safe.  Biometric locks are also an option. Sargent and Greenleaf makes a nice digital/biometric lock as well.

If you want to change the type of lock that is on your safe, Federal Lock and Key can help. We can replace your existing safe lock with a different type of lock.