How to Secure Your Business


Invest in a safe that has the appropriate burglary and or fire rating for the product that you will be storing. They are many types of safes for many different business needs. Federal Lock and Key can help you determine the type of safe that you need for your company.

Use video surveillance with cameras that are obvious and signage that indicates that you have cameras. Some cameras do not have good lens quality and will therefore not help you identify people in the images they record so it is a good idea to do some research on them before you buy.

Have your safe serviced on a regular schedule to avoid lockouts. This schedule varies depending on how often you use your safe. Federal Lock and key can advise you on how often you need to service your safe. Also it is a good idea to have your new safe checked out before you start to use it. We have seen brand new safes with loose locks and missing parts! These defective safes may work for a time and then break down suddenly. There is no good time to be locked out.

Have your locksmith bolt your safe to the floor. It is very important to have your locksmith survey the building to find the best place to install the safe.


If you have an aluminum storefront door (a door with an aluminum frame and a glass window) the lock should have a cylinder guard; your door is very vulnerable to a break in without one. Cylinder guards are very inexpensive and effective.

Exterior doors that swing out, as well as aluminum storefront doors may benefit from latch guards (metal plates) to protect against crow bar attacks as well as attacks involving a screw driver or a credit card. Sometimes that is all it takes to get in when there are no latch guards installed.

Have your locks serviced on a regular schedule to avoid lockouts and other malfunctions. A locksmith can help you determine an appropriate schedule that meets your company’s individual needs.

Some of the exterior doors will need high quality, properly installed deadbolts that are made for businesses. Some of the exterior doors require other types of hardware to be compliant with applicable laws, codes and regulations. All of the hardware on your business will perform better if it is commercial grade hardware. Locks that are made for homes are not secure enough for a business. Also, residential locks may not meet the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act ( or your local fire code. Commercial grade locks are also a better investment because they are made to last under more rigorous usage.

If you have a master keyed system it is important to note that it has a lifespan. The most prominent experts in the field suggest that most master keyed systems have an effective life span of between 5-15 years. Many factors are involved when assessing the efficacy of your system and Federal Lock and Key can make this determination for you. When your master keyed system becomes worn out it is necessary to have a locksmith design and implement a new system. Federal Lock and Key can design, install and maintain a system for you.

A serious problem that businesses may encounter is when employees make copies of company keys without permission. This problem can be avoided with restricted keys (these are keys that require authorization from the owner or manager in order to be duplicated). If you have a problem with employees making copies of company keys, Federal Lock and Key can help by installing a restricted keyway.

The Albuquerque Police Department has more great tips to help make your company safer.

There are many steps that can be taken to help secure your business. The Locksmiths at Federal Lock and Key are available to help you with a security survey for your business. We are a locally owned and operated with over 45 combined years of commercial locksmith experience in Albuquerque.