Door Closers

Door closers are used mainly by businesses to keep their doors from staying open. Sometimes they may be necessary to help your business meet fire code requirements. They are made by many different manufacturers and they can be mechanical or electronic. Door closers are made in different sizes and strengths.

Generally they are fairly maintenance free. The rate of speed at which they move the door and the strength with which they close it may be adjusted. The door closer must be properly adjusted to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. An improperly adjusted door closer will make the door difficult or “heavy” to open, or it may close too quickly. Both of these situations will make access difficult for someone who is handicapped.

A common factor that will influence how your door closer operates is air flow in your building. It is common to have to adjust your door closers when the weather changes. If an air conditioning system is turned off for the winter or on for the summer, air movement issues in your building may keep the closer from working properly. It may slam shut after the A/C is turned off, or it may not have enough force to close the door after the A/C is turned back on. Both of these situations may be remedied by calling a locksmith when you have completed your seasonal A/C changes to your building.

If the door closer is not working properly, and no change in the air flow of your building has occurred it may need to be replaced. Door closers last a long time, but when they break they are usually not repairable. If you see any oil running down the door from the closer it will need to be replaced.

If you need a closer installed a locksmith can help you select the right door closer for your situation. Federal Lock and Key can help you decide which product is right for you. We can also service your existing door closer.